Episode 14: Big Data, Privacy and Democracy: A Conversation With Nathaniel Erskine-Smith on the International Grand Committee

June 03, 2019
The debate over big data, privacy and its implications for democracy came to Ottawa last week as the International Grand Committee brought together the world’s biggest technology companies, politicians from around the world, and leading thinkers. Liberal MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith, the Vice-Chair of Canada’s ethics and privacy committee, joins the podcast to reflect on the three days of hearings, the prospect for global reforms, and what comes next for the committee.
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Episode 13: Digital Charter or Chart: A Conversation With Teresa Scassa on Canada’s New Digital Charter

May 27, 2019
Years of public consultation on Canadian digital policy hit an important milestone last week as the Canadian government released its Digital Charter, which touches on everything from universal Internet access to privacy law reform. Professor Teresa Scassa, the Canada Research Chair in Information Law and Policy at the University of Ottawa, joins the podcast to discuss its contents and consider whether the new policy initiative is more chart than charter.
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Episode 12: The Past, Present and Future of Open Access to Law

May 21, 2019
The free and open access to law movement is committed to providing free and open online access to legal information. This includes case law, legislation, treaties, law reform proposals and legal scholarship. This week’s Lawbytes podcast highlights perspectives on free and open access to law from Australia and Canada, featuring conversations with Professor Graham Greenleaf, the co-founder of AustLII, the Australasian Legal Information Institute, and Xavier Beauchamp-Tremblay, the current CEO of C...
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Episode 11: Reinterpreting Canadian Privacy Law - David Fraser On Cross-Border Data Transfers, the Right to De-Index, and the Facebook Investigation

May 13, 2019
Daniel Therrien, the Privacy Commissioner in Canada, is in the courts battling Google over a right to de-index. He’s calling for order making after Facebook declined to abide by his recommendations. And he’s embarked on a dramatic re-interpretation of the law premised on incorporating new consent requirements into cross-border data transfers. David Fraser, one of Canada’s leading privacy experts, joins the podcast to provide an update on the recent Canadian privacy law developments and their imp...
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Episode 10: Lowdown on Lawsuits - James Plotkin on Copyright Threats, Notices, and Lawsuits

May 06, 2019
Copyright threats and lawsuits against individuals have been around in Canada since 2004, when they were rejected by the federal court. Those threats receded for about a decade, but now they’re back. Copyright notices, litigation threats, settlement demands, and actual lawsuits have re-emerged at the very time that the music and movie industries are experiencing record music streaming revenues in Canada and massive popularity of online video services. James Plotkin, a lawyer with Caza Saikaley i...
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